Our Residential Water Upgrade program is a water efficiency upgrade service for condominiums, housing cooperatives, and single family housing neighborhoods. Working together with property manager and housing boards, we design a customized and easy-to use upgrade program for the residents. Single family housing clients will receive a pre-negotiated upgrade program specifically design for their area. It is a voluntary program and our customer is the unit/housing owner, who receives an unparalleled priced full-upgrade-package consisting of various upgrade options, installation and a water audit.


  • Customized water efficiency upgrade program

    Together with the property manager and/or the housing board, we design a customized upgrade program for the residents.

  • Supplier negotiations

    Based on the defined upgrade program, we negotiate the best equipment prices and installation costs.

  • Selection

    The property manager and/or housing board selects the upgrade package and suppliers.

  • Promotion

    We promote the upgrade program for residents through a dedicated sign-up website and additional information material.

  • Scheduling and Execution

    We organize and schedule the most convenient and efficient installation dates.

  • Certification

    Each participant in the program receives an AQUEES upgrade certification. Think about it as a water efficiency “mileage-per-gallon” summary for your home, so if you want to sell the unit or home, you can show that you did upgrade the residence to the highest water efficiency standards.

  • Success tracking

    The program participation and success will be tracked and results summarized.

The sign-up website can be found under: Please reach out to us for a demo version.