AQUEES  Water Efficiency Solutions

Understand Your Water Consumption,

Act to Conserve Water,

Realize Dollars Saved!

Our Water Analytics solution is the management tool to help property owners/managers understand and make informed decision about their water consumption.  Our analytics provides practical and useful information to support water consumption management: utility bill audit and organization, water usage report, cost budgeting and planning, cost forecasting, benchmarking and financial analysis for project cost and return on investment.

Our Project Platform is the marketplace where property owners/managers can select the best project option to implement water savings.  Based on specific analytics for your property, feel secure that only reputable solution providers compete to present custom water efficiency solutions for your specific property.  Select project options from competitive bids.  Evaluate consumer reviews of solution providers.

Our Smart Metering service is a comprehensive solution consisting of the installation of master and submetering solutions and a software solution that enables real-time water usage monitoring.  Smart metering empowers the owner/property manager by enabling an understanding of water consumption, detecting potential leaks, adjusting water consumption (e.g. during irrigation) and allocating water consumption costs to the ultimate users.

AQUEES is the gateway to a simple, no hassle solution to help you MANAGE WATER CONSUMPTION, SAVE WATER and SAVE MONEY!

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